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Miami (4 days 3 nights) Orlando (4 days 3 nights), Cruise (3 days 2 nights) + car.  

9 amazing vacation days!

Miami/Fort Lauderdale (6 days 5 nights),
 Cruise (3 days 2 nights) + car.  
8 amazing vacation days!  
Miami (7days 6 nights), 
Cruise (3 days 2 nights) + car.
9 amazing vacation days!
Orlando (6 days 5 nights),
Crucero (3 days 2 nights) + car.
8 amazing vacation days!
Promo Vegas
(4 days 3 nights)
4 amazing vacation days!
Touristic Destinations

Meet the cities we have to offer, enjoy the wonders of travel in your hand.


Hotel Stay


Cruise Bonus

We have agreements with recognized hotels that offer you first class services during your trip, with facilities of the highest quality and at very affordable prices.

Car rental service is included in the price of each package

We offer a wonderful cruise trip to one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean: Bahamas


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